Lynda Heymen, Psy.D.
CARY, NC AND PITTSBORO, NC| 919.415.4251

Professional Profile - Dr. Lynda Heyemen

Dr. Heymen holds a masters and doctoral degree in clinical psychology from Nova Southeastern University. She was certified as a biofeedback therapist in 1983 and worked in several medical settings providing relaxation training and chronic pain management. In 1990, Dr. Heymen began her private practice in Fort Lauderdale and Boca Raton, Florida. She treated adult men and women using the modalities of individual, marital, and family psychotherapy until 1999. Dr. Heymen then moved to North Carolina with her husband Dr. Steve Heymen, who accepted a position at UNC-Chapel Hill.

In January, 2000 Dr. Heymen started her new practice in Raleigh with adults from the tri-county area.  While conceptualizing cases from a psychodynamic perspective, she utilizes an integrated or eclectic therapeutic approach.  She draws from a variety of psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral, interpersonal and family systems strategies to effectively meet the needs of her patients. She has been intensively trained as a DBT individual therapist and offers this form of treatment in conjunction with DBT group therapy. Additionally, Dr. Heymen provides EMDR for individuals who have experienced trauma, including childhood sexual abuse.

Personal Information -

Before becoming a psychologist, Dr. Heymen was a wildlife biologist. She also holds a masters degree in wildlife and fisheries science from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. She is thrilled to be back in this area where the opportunities to enjoy nature abound.

Dr. Lynda Heymen balances her own personal life with Nia. Nia is a body, mind, emotion and spirit fusion fitness program. It combines dance arts, martial arts, and healing arts and incorporates music from around the world. Self-expression, and maintaining health through movement, are its guiding principles. Dr Heymen is a certified Black Belt Nia instructor and in January of 2011, Dr. Heymen founded The Joy of Movement Studio in Pittsboro, NC. Dr. Heymen currently teaches at The Joy of Movement Studio and has assembled a diverse group of teachers to promote health and well being from a variety of disciplines.

To learn more about Nia and The Joy of Movement at Chatham Mills, please visit,, or for more information.